Boy Fishing

Boy Fishing

After the positive attention and feedback our ‘Fish Plates’ post received, we wanted to continue with the ‘summery fish theme’ and present a #Kylix shaped cup called Boy Fishing.

🐠 The ancient Greeks had learned early in their history, to fish from land and boats as seafood was a big part of their diet. This quotidian activity is vividly depicted on wall paintings and ceramic vases.

🐠 Around 515 – 500 B.C. the #Ambrosios Painter has been attributed with the creation of an Attic Red-Figure Cup of Type B, that the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has on display. This #cup with the nude slender boy fishing by the sea wearing a #wreath documents a scene of the upper class whose members drank from cups like this at the #symposia they attended.

🐠 Furthermore, we can observe that this Late #Archaic cup is a rare treasure from the normally coarse hand of the Ambrosios Painter.

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