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Rediscovering Value: The lost art of ATTIC BLACK glazed ware.
Visit ATTIC BLACK: THETIS’ Workshop and appreciate our team work


Penthesilea Bowl. Greek vase painting in practice: the red-figure technique.
Follow the creation of a luxury Red-figure kylix made to order during AW2018 by ATTIC BLACK: THETIS’ team and get inspiration to start your own exclusive collection


Ancient Greek toys and games.
ATTIC BLACK/ THETIS AUTHENTICS ceramic toys are based on ancient prototypes. See how you can play with them and organise an activity with your kids and students.


Learn about the history of Athenian vases, how they were made, the decoration techniques, the origin of the clays used for their production in antiquity and today, the sophisticated 3-stage firing, and the people behind them. Luxury export goods in Archaic and Classical times dominated the Mediterranean markets from the 6th to 7th cent BCE and contributed to the wealth and appeal of Athenians and their lifestyle in antiquity.

Attic Vases part one | Precious Earth
Attic Vases part two | Materials and Techniques
Attic Vases part three | Three – Stage Firing

Collecting Guide: 7 things to know about Greek vases (from Christie’s)
International Head of Antiquities G. Max Bernheimer surveys some magnificent Greek vases in a video, and specialist Laetitia Delaloye offers an essential introduction covering everything from cracks to kraters to clay colour (without touching provenance issues)