Variable Geometry Ceramic puzzles

Fragments of a randomly broken decorated plaque (i.e. pinax) or of a small vase inspired by ancient prototypes. When assembled, these “variable geometry” 2D or 3D puzzles constitute a unique artefact for your collection. The Gods and Heroes series is based on mythological scenes depicted on ancient Greek vases.

Gods & Heroes “Pinax”
Variable geometry puzzles

The subject of these 2D puzzles is inspired from representations of mythological scenes in Ancient Greek Vases.
Gods and Heroes series includes the birth of Athena emerging from Zeus’ head; Achilles ambushing Troilus, son of Priamos; Heracles fighting the Lernaean Hydra; Theseus and the Minotaur; Odysseus and his men blinding the cyclops Polyphemus.
The scenes are hand-painted on the clay plaque and then fired by following the ancient techniques. Following firing each “pinax” is randomly broken so that the resulting shapes are unique to each one. The ceramic fragments are mounted on a magnetic plate with self adhesive tape and the puzzle is exhibited on a cardboard mount.

Retail price: 29 euros