Ancient Toys

“Αthyrmata” (plur. of athyrma) is the ancient greek word for toys as opposed to games: animal figurines, marbles (spheria), knucklebones (astragaloi), miniature vases, whistles, spinning tops (stromvos), buzzers (iynx), rattles (platagi).

Ancient toys in a box

Learn what is an athyrma (toy or animal figurine), a rattle (platagi), a spinning top (stromvos), a jinx (iynx), marbles (spheria), knucklebones (astagaloi) and play with your friends as children did in ancient Athens.
The ceramic toys by THETIS are wheel-thrown and hand-painted prior to firing. As they do not contain any toxic substances or especially small parts, they are safe to be used by children, preferably under adult supervision due to the possibility of breakage. Τhey are available in collections for boys and girls blending at least four objects of the above.
In Greece it is used in the context of the primary school 4th grade History lesson “Everyday life in antiquity”.

Retail prices: 18-45 euros