Handmade Ceramic-Beaded Jewelry Collection

Handmade Ceramic-Beaded Jewelry Collection

Ancient Greek jewelry designs have inspired us to create our very own handmade ceramic-beaded jewelry collection. With humility and passion, we craft ornated and exquisite jewelry pieces to add to our collection. Take a look at a few of our designs below / link in bio


➡️ For tailormade orders contact us at atticblack@thetis.gr


Hand made earrings with gilded silver wire designed by Alex Pursey for the ATTIC BLACK

During the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, craftsmen begin to increase the complexity of jewelry designs, eventually creating authentic artisan masterpieces, a reflection of the wealth and power of the ruling aristocracy of the period. Jewelry in ancient Greece was seen as a symbol of power, social status, and in some cases considered protecting amulets against evil spirits. The world’s current collection of Ancient Greek jewelry mostly comes from funerary graves, because the Ancient Greeks believed their jewelry to be so important and valuable that it would travel to the afterlife with the deceased owner.