In memory of Robert Kime

In memory of Robert Kime

Collecting is just something I do, I can’t help it. I’ve just always done it. I think my passion about collecting, the interest in it, is really about the attraction I feel towards something. You get interested or learn about something you didn’t know much about and then that attraction can begin. I have things I have had for 50 years that give me so much pleasure, that each time I see them, even daily, I see something new.

Robert Kime, the renowned interior decorator for King Charles III and a minimum of five English dukes, as well as various pop stars and influential figures, passed away on August 17 at the age of 76. He never drafted room blueprints and consistently emphasized that he was not an interior designer. Robert’s approach was about combining beautiful, antique, and intriguing items to create harmonious and cozy spaces: ‘I want my rooms to be lived in, not looked at.’

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Title: Attic red figure column crater, mid 5th cent BCE, by Simon Upton