Collecting thoughts

The trade in Antiquities relies on the existence of willing buyers such as museums and collectors. The appeal of collecting antiquities, in our case ancient pottery, is intimately connected with the notion of material, aesthetic and historical (temporal) authenticity. Collecting antiquities however raises a number of hotly debated ethical. legal and scientific issues and our involvement with the EU funded “Witness the Past” project ( points to where we stand on these issues.

Today reputable Auction firms or Antiquities dealers try to comply with the maze of legal issues involved, however, especially for mid-priced pottery (3.000 USD to 8.000 USD), material and technological authenticity is often hard to assess considering the sophisticated forgery techniques and the high cost of most current scientific authenticity tests. We can confidently claim that our pottery would pass most such tests and for this reason we embody in all our “collectible” products an indelible signature. These products are priced at 5% of the corresponding Auction of Art dealers’ prices,
In this way, through the contemporary production of Museum quality, technologically authentic, aesthetically true and archaeologically documented ceramic artefacts we aim to mitigate the demand for the originals, while at the same time allowing access to a wider clientele.
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Museum Education and Archaeological Ethics: An Approach to the Illicit Trade of Antiquities